Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Information

Although our official start time is 7:40am, we open our doors to students at 7:30am so they can come in, begin breakfast, check in with their teacher and have a calm start to the day.

We encourage you to make sure your children are not here before 7:30am because we do not have outside supervision until 7:30am and we want to make sure all children are safely supervised at all times when they are on campus.

Parents, no matter your means of transportation to school, we want to make sure you and your child drop off by the safest means possible.

Here are all the ways we greet your child in the morning:

  • If children travel to Lansing by bus, we have 3 people that greet the busses in the morning and watch children disembark the bus all the way until they walk into the school.
  • If children walk to school, we have 4 crossing guards that greet the children and make sure they cross onto campus safely. Additionally, we have door greeters that greet each child as they enter the various doors of our school.
  • If children ride a bike or a scooter, they may want to bring a lock to lock it up. The bike racks are located just outside the cafeteria.
  • If children are driven to school by a family member, there are three places to drop off your child on campus:
  1. On the north side of the school in the preschool parking area. You can park in the preschool parking area and walk your child to the door or there are adults in the drop off area where your car door will be opened by a staff member so the child can exit the car safely and you can continue through the lane.
  2. On the south side of the school, you may drop off your child on to 5th street on either side of the road.
  3. On 6th place, you may drop off on the south side of the street.


Dismissal Information

We have a supervised dismissal, meaning that the Lansing staff walks outside to ensure each child has departed safely from school. Most all of dismissal happens in the back of the school where teachers walk students outside of the school to the playground. Kindergarten dismisses in the kindergarten playground, 1st and second grade dismiss in the back of the school by the door nearest the swings and 3rd-5th grade dismiss by the door nearest the south basketball courts. Parents and family members are welcome on campus to greet students on the playground and walk them home. Teachers will look for students to be reunited with family members. Any children left over by 2:30pm are walked by the teacher to the front of the school where the children are in the care of 2 paraprofessionals. We wait for late parents at the front of the school until 2:35 then bring all the children in to the school. Any arriving parents after that need to sign out their children. After repeated late pick-ups, we will ask families to consider day care options at our school.

Bus and daycare students are escorted to their locations. All staff members have radios to communicate about dismissal changes or missing students. If you are missing your child, find a staff member with a radio and we will begin location and reunification.

It takes EVERYONE'S efforts, patience and knowledge to make arrival/dismissal happen safely.