Parent Visitation Protocol

Parent Visitation Protocol

Lansing Elementary

APS District Policy

At Lansing, we love having parents partner with us! Research tells us that parent involvement in their child's education is the number one reason a child completes high school. For this reason, when you visit Lansing, we want you to feel valued and important, because you are the most important factor in your child's success in school!

By following some simple guidelines, visiting your child's classroom will be a rewarding experience for both you and your child:

  1. Please arrange a visit with your child's teacher at least 24 hours in advance through email or the phone. This gives the teacher time to inform the office of your visit, present you with handouts and provide you a place to sit in the room. We understand that parents may want to make a surprise visit to see their child in the classroom. In this case, the principal or principal designee with escort the parent through the entire visit in order to protect the classroom environment and the teacher's time. A meeting with the teacher and the parent can be arranged after school, if that is a need of the parent.
  2. Please stop in the office, show your state-issued ID (like a driver's license), and receive a visitor's sticker to wear on your shirt. For the protection of our children, we ask that everyone take this necessary safety precaution.
  3. Please enter the classroom quietly and sit in the area the teacher has made available for visitors. Please put your cell phone on silent or vibrate and take calls outside of the classroom. We appreciate you protecting the classroom environment!
  4. Please do not bring other children with you to the visit in the classroom as they may present a distraction to the students in the room.
  5. No electronic listening or recording device may be used during the visitation.
  6. Please do not talk with the teacher during instruction because the teacher needs to focus on the children. Please make an appointment at a later time to speak with the teacher.
  7. We ask that visits to a classroom will be limited to a single lesson, which is about 30 minutes. Visits to the same classroom will be limited to once per month, unless otherwise arranged with the classroom teacher.
  8. A visit may be ended by the principal or designee at any time if the classroom activities/instruction is being disrupted.

Lansing is committed to an open and cooperative working relationship with parents and is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of instruction and the provision of a safe learning environment.