School Wide Behavior Expectations

Behavior Management at Lansing: PBIS Matrix 

At Lansing, we use the acronym PRIDE to frame our expectations for student and adult behavior.  Below is a chart that details each of 5 expectations and what those look like in each area of our school. 

Leopard Code: 

I have PRIDE! 

In the Classroom 

In the Bathroom 

In the Hallway 

In the Cafeteria 

On the Playground


I look for the best in every situation. 

I wait my turn and use everything in the bathroom appropriately.

I follow the directions in the hallway so I know to 

I will try new food and say thank you to the people who serve it. 

Be a team player. Include everyone. Stick up for students. 


I am polite to everyone at all times. 

I give others their privacy.

I use a quiet voice and safe hands. 

I use a quiet voice and follow adult directions. 

Share the equipment.  Take turns.  Keep hands and feet to myself.


I do what is right even when no one is looking. 

I clean up after myself without being asked.

I listen and follow the line without being asked. 

I clean up my space without being asked. 

Report anything unsafe to the teacher.

Be ready to line up when the whistle blows. 

Tell the truth if you made a mistake.


I do my best and never give up. 

I come in quietly and finish quickly.

I walk where I am supposed to go.

I finish my food in a timely manner. 

Join a group and invite others to join a group. 


I show a caring attitude towards others’ feelings. 

I do my job quickly because I know others may be waiting. 

I am quiet in the halls because I know others need to listen to learn.

I am thankful of the lunchroom staff and use good manners.

I invite others 

Problem-solve with other students if a conflict happens. 

Be a gracious winner/loser.

Updated: March 1, 2022 — 9:03 am