Remote Learning at Lansing: Fall 2020

Due to rise in COVID19 cases in Arapahoe and Adams Counties (the two counties of Aurora Public Schools), Lansing Elementary will be engaging in remote learning beginning on the first day of school until October 8th.  This decision was made by our school district's board of education and you can review that decision here

REMOTE LEARNING: What it is and what it isn’t 

Remote learning this fall is different than it was last spring because we have had more time to thoughtfully plan for learning in a digital environment. 

Remote Learning this Fall 

Remote Learning last Spring 

Access to grade level standards 

Access to peers and teachers

Direct, synchronous instruction 

Independent, optional learning environments 

Graded work and required attendance 

Optional work and attendance 

Instruction bell to bell 

30 minute synchronous meeting 

Full instructional minutes on an IEP

Access to IEP goals 

Intervention opportunities 


Diagnostic and interim assessment 



Weekly: Monday-Thursday our students will be online with our teachers most of the day.  On Fridays, students will have a morning meeting with their teacher and then will be offline to work on projects, interventions or extensions. Teachers will use Fridays to provide an intervention to students (remedial or extension) and to participate in their own professional development. 

Daily: Our students will follow Lansing’s in-person bell times of 7:40am-2:15pm. The day will begin with a morning meeting for a time to connect, set the schedule and expectations for the day. We will build in times for lunch, ELD, IEP and intervention times. 

We have designed a structure where teachers can deliver a whole class lesson, give students time for independent work and then come back with the teacher in smaller groups to check their independent work, share, have some discussion, work through conclusions and plan next steps connected to the whole-class lesson.  

Our daily schedule is linked HERE. Find the grade level by looking on the tabs at the bottom. 

Each day, your child's teacher will post the entire schedule for the day to their Google classroom, including the links to each meeting.  This can be linked to the parent's email.  It is helpful to have your current email on file in Parent Portal. \

Attendance: Teachers are taking attendance every day. If your child needs be absent, please call the school attendance line like you would if we were learning in-person. We are treating attendance in remote learning like a pass/fail policy: If your child completes one meeting or one assignment during the day, teachers will mark them as present for the day.  We are not giving partial credit for attendance, thus we are not marking your child as having half-day attendance or as tardy.  We understand families might have internet issues or family needs that require your child to engage in the evening but we are treating this round of remote learning as attendance within the school day, not solely access like we did in the spring. 

Lack of attendance in specific parts of the instructional day will be reflected in your child's grades, not their attendance.  For example, if your child participates in most of the day except math, for example, your child will still be marked as present for the day (because your child participated in other parts of the day) but your child's grade for math will be impacted because work in that subject is incomplete. 

Parent Communication: Each day, you will be emailed a schedule of your child's day complete with links to meetings and assignment that are due so you can support your child.  Your child's teacher(s) will have weekly office hours where you can connect to get help and ask questions. Those meetings will be 2:30-3:00pm on Mondays and on Fridays. 

Technology support: Struggling to help your child with support online? HERE are some support videos to help with technology. You can also visit the APS Remote Learning Site for technology help. Finally, if you need another device, please reach out to the APS IT department at:

Lunch Information: Lunch will be grab and go from 10:45-11:30 Monday-Friday. Find information linked here--Lunch Info.

Need Internet? Find that resource here-Internet Essentials 2 months free - apply by Dec 31 2020- English, Spanish

Need a Chromebook? Please call Lansing to get a computer. If the computer breaks, you will need to contact the district IT department at:

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