Kindergarten Families


Kindergarten Welcome Letter

August 2019 




Dear Kindergarten Families, 

Welcome to Kindergarten!  We know you have worked so hard preparing your child for this day and we are thrilled you have chosen Lansing Elementary as the place to begin the educational journey.  Being in a new school can be confusing, we hope this letter serves to help navigate the school system and our first few days of school.  

First, let’s get your child registered for school.  If your child went to Aurora Public Schools for preschool, you are already registered. Simply come to Lansing and we will give you registration paperwork to complete. If your child went to a preschool outside of Aurora Public Schools, enroll in the district by going to the website, go to the parents tab and look for “register your child in APS.” Click and start the process. 

Before school starts, our kindergarten teachers would like the opportunity to meet your child and get to know his/her academic skills. You will drop off your child for an hour with our teachers while they get to know students in a small group on August 6th, August 7th, August 8th. Please sign-up for a time to come that works for your family by clicking on this link: Kinder Assessments. You will only need to sign up for one time on one day. 

Class lists will be released August 9th at 3pm. This is how your learn the name of your child’s teacher. We will post these class rosters on the kindergarten doors in the back and on the main doors in the front of the school. 

School starts on Monday, August 12th. Please arrive at 7:30am in the back of the school, which is the kindergarten entrance and walk your child to the area inside the fenced playground. There you will see our three kindergarten teachers: Mrs. Davis, Ms. Kull and Mrs. Taylor. Please introduce yourself and let the teacher know how your child will be getting home that day.  

You are welcome to walk your child all the way in to the classroom on this first day of school. Starting kindergarten is a milestone in your child’s life that we don’t want you to miss!  At 7:50am, we will ask you to join us in the art room for Kindergarten Tissue and Tea with our administration. You will be able to get to know other kindergarten families and learn all about Lansing.  

Kind Regards, 

Miss Jennifer Murtha, Principal 

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