Parent Resources

Parent Resources 

Aurora Public Schools Parent Playbook Link 

We know times are tough so we have created this page to provide lists of community resources here for you to access. If you don't find the resource you are looking for or need something we don't have listed, please contact our front office.

Help with Rent: City of Aurora Rental Assistance 

Food Resources: 

If you or your family have needs beyond this daily provision, HERE is a list of food banks and distribution centers in Aurora that provide additional meals. 

Employment Assistance: 

Childcare:  Resources 

Mental Health: Please check out these resources for parents/caregivers.

Human Services: Contact Information 


Internet Connectivity: 

Reduced price for Comcast 

Find a WiFi hotspot near you

Reduced price for CenturyLink

Technology: If your child's Chrome Book is broken or is malfunctioning, please call or email the APS IT department.

Or, call the APS help desk 303-340-0520, ext. 28203 and leave a message.

When using the help desk email or leaving a help desk voicemail, please include the name of your child, grade, school, and your call back number in addition to your question.

COVID Testing: 

  • COVID testing is free and does not require proof of insurance.  To get tested, please make an appointment on this website
  • We recommend that your family gets tested if they have symptoms that have persisted longer than 24 hours.  

District Resources Please check out the Parent Playbook with lots of resources.

Lansing Resources 

Parent Handbook: Please review the Parent Handbook to learn about procedures and policies. 

School Supplies: Lansing purchased all the school supplies for families. 

Updated: May 27, 2022 — 12:28 pm