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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program (DHH)

At Lansing, we are the center-based program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students (DHH). This means that the resources needed to serve the students throughout the district with the most profound hearing loss are centered at our school and these students are bussed to our school to access these resources. These resources include specially-trained Teachers of the Deaf, Audiologists, Sign-Language Interpreters, and peers who are deaf to create a strong deaf community/identity. 

Students will matriculate to South Middle School and to Aurora Central High School  once they graduate from Lansing to continue their DHH educational services. 

Our Lansing DHH Vision Statement 

Communication access is a fundamental human right. Every child who is deaf must have full access to all educational services and school sponsored activities using the Total Communication Approach. At Lansing, our students are recognized as individuals first and they will be challenged to maximize their potential in a rigorous environment. The high expectations of our program meet Colorado's academic standards while still considering the individual child's needs and abilities.  Children will receive support in an environment where their potential is maximized. The deaf/hard of hearing program focuses on communication, self-advocacy skills, academic support, and school-to-career preparation in a language-rich environment.  We provide instruction in each child's preferred communication modality with opportunities to interact directly with their Lansing community and deaf adults. Family involvement is paramount to a child's success, and we encourage parent involvement in all aspects of their child's education.

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