COVID19 Protocols

Updated September 7, 2021 



  • Children are required to be masked indoors at school.  
  • Staff must be masked regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Children will not be required to wear a mask outdoors or in the cafeteria. 

Symptom screening: 

Please use this resource daily to screen your child for symptoms. Please keep your child home if your child exhibits one or more of these symptoms. 


If you suspect your child may have COVID, please take them to get a test. You can find the link to sign up for the test here

Visitors to the Building: 

Adults will need to come to the office to check in and wear a mask. Proof of vaccination to be unmasked must be provided. These protocols must be provided to gain access to the building.

Social Distancing/Cohorts: 

At this time, there is no social distancing or cohort requirements. 

Learning Models: 

Lansing is fully in-person, five days a week, Monday-Friday, 7:40am-2:15pm. If families prefer a remote option, there is a remote school in APS that students can attend. 

Updated: September 7, 2021 — 9:40 am