Homework Policy

Homework Policy

What is the purpose of homework?

The purpose of homework is to support learning that happens in school by giving students opportunities to prepare, practice, review, reflect or further explore learning at home.

How does homework best support student learning?

Homework supports student learning when it is assigned with a specific purpose. Homework is used as a way to gather short- term f feedback on student learning progress, not as a tool for assessment. We recognize that a student's environment differs outside of school and we strongly encourage students and parents/guardians to communicate with teachers and counselors to ensure that their homework load is manageable and helps students to be successful.

Time Limits, if homework is assigned:

In general, we use the guide of 10 minutes per grade level. 5th grade = 50 minutes of homework. If homework becomes overwhelming, please talk to your child's teacher.

How can homework help develop school/family partnerships?

Schools and teachers will communicate to parents/guardians the purpose of homework, and will provide options for students who need homework support. Homework is a reflection of the learning that happens in class and provides an opportunity for families to engage with their students and the learning. APS recognizes each learner is unique as well as the support each learner has at home. It is important to consider equity when using homework as a tool to support student learning. If a student or parent has a concern about homework load or purpose, they should contact the teacher.

After School Homework Help

You don't need to feel hopeless. Meet with your teacher and ask for help. Go to one of these organizations after school and get the time you need to catch up. You'll be surprised how a little extra time can go a long way.

  • Aurora Community Connection - 720-975-01479
    • 801 E Colfax Avenue #200, Aurora, CO 80010
    • After school tutoring to support literacy and math development.

There are also free online resources to help you learn a ton of subjects from grammar to basic math to organic chemistry.

  • Homework Helper - Hundreds of resources to help you understand your homework and essays and reports and computer classes and... well, everything else.
  • Khan Academy - Video presentations that make subjects simple and easy to learn. Many are so interesting, you might find yourself watching some just for fun.
  • Cliff Notes - More than just those thin yellow booklets, this site offers free quizzes, practice problems and study guides for all subjects. You can even ask it a specific question and it will help you find the answer.