Classroom Newsletters

Lansing Elementary communicates with families in a variety of ways. This includes weekly Friday folders that go home with students, our Lansing Facebook page, Twitter, staff websites and newsletters, as well as phone calls, emails and text messages. Below are the monthly newsletters from the classrooms which are sent to families at the end of each month.  We hope this information helps you to feel connected to your child's education. Please make sure you have an accurate phone number and/or email on file with the front office to ensure you receive our emails.


Preschool Monthly Newsletter

Kindergarten Monthly Newsletter 

First Grade Monthly Newsletter 

Second Grade Monthly Newsletter 

Third Grade Monthly Newsletter 

Fourth Grade Monthly Newsletter 

Fifth Grade Monthly Newsletter 

Specials (Art, Music, Physical Education) Monthly Newsletter 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Monthly Newsletter 

Mild/Moderate Specials Education Program Monthly Newsletter 

Mental Health Monthly Newsletter 

School Wide Monthly Newsletter (From the Principal)


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